Your Hassle-Free Lawn Maintenance Service.

Lawn maintenance can take hours away from your already busy schedule. Leave your lawn to us!

Here at The Grounds Crew, we take pride in helping you maintain a beautiful lawn through lawn care maintenance, fertilization and weed control management all while freeing you up to spend time on what is most important.

The Grounds Crew

is different from other lawn services.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you hire The Grounds Crew, you secure your peace of mind. We have always wanted to be different from other lawn maintenance companies and stand behind our work. If you are not satisfied with your services, we will correct any and all issues at no charge.

Service Plans

In order to serve you best and save you money, we have bundled our most requested services. These all-inclusive plans are customized to your property’s specific needs.



  • Mowing 

  • String Trimming

  • Edging of Hard Surfaces

  • Edging of Straw/Mulch Beds

  • Shrub Trimming

  • Weed Control in Beds

  • Debris Clean up

  • Blowing 

  • Leaf Maintenance 

  • Flowers, Pinestraw, and/or Mulch can also be included.

Monthly Maintenance with

weekly or bi-weekly services.



  • Mowing 

  • String Trimming

  • Edging of Hard Surfaces

  • Edging of Straw/Mulch Beds

  • Shrub Trimming

  • Weed Control in Beds

  • Debris Clean up

  • Blowing 

  • Leaf Maintenance 

  • Weed Control in Lawn

  • Fertilize Lawn 

  • 7 Treatments Included in Monthly Service Plan

  • Flowers, Pinestraw, and/or Mulch can also be included

Monthly Maintenance with

lawn treatment plan. 

  1. Prevention (pre/post emergent)

  2. Prevention (pre/post emergent)

  3. Transition (fertilizer and weed control)

  4. Fertilize (controlled release)

  5. Fertilize (controlled release)

  6. Prevention (pre/post emergent)

  7. Prevention (pre/post emergent)



7 Applications per year to control weeds

and grow a healthy lawn.

Additional Services


Aeration is vital to keeping your lawn strong and healthy. The Grounds Crew strongly recommends performing this task annually for each lawn, if not bi-annually when needed. We use professional aerators that remove cores from the ground, increasing air flow, water, and nutrients to the roots. Aerating also reduces compaction of your soil. This allows turf roots to grow deeper into the soil, encouraging a strong root system.


We install Spring and Fall annuals. Each install will include high quality, seasonal flowers, soil conditioner, pine bark nuggets, and watering. On weekly visits of your annual agreement the beds will be maintained and kept looking its best all year long.


Keeping fresh bed coverings in all your beds will help control weeds, hold water for plants to draw from, and dramatically improves the visual appearance of your property. We use high quality treated and dyed mulch that retains its beautiful color for a full year. We also use south Georgia long-needle pine straw.


Need some extra assistance cleaning up a trouble area? Want some professional help installing bushes or annuals? The Grounds Crew is here for you. We offer one-time services to help you get your property updated and easy for you to maintain.


What Our

Clients Say

Katherine (Braselton)

Our lawn started looking better in less than two weeks after we hired them. The guys are always friendly. I had some questions and the owner came over that day and spoke with us.

Jeremy (Braselton)

The Grounds Crew is an extremely dependable company, with competitive rates, and does excellent work!  They are always quick to address any needs that may arise, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a lawn maintenance company.

Mark (Braselton)

We are very satisfied with the service and value. The Grounds Crew gets the job done right and doesn't take short cuts. We have recommended Grounds Crew to a couple of neighbors and they are also happy with the service. They show pride in their business.

Mike (Buford)

The Grounds Crews does an awesome job. They take care of my lawn and shrubs. They cut and trim as needed. They honor any special request you may have and if you have a concern, the Grounds Crew will fix. In closing, I have complete confidence in the Grounds Crew.

Our Service Area

The Grounds Crew services the following areas daily:

Barrow, Gwinnett, Hall and Jackson County.


Our crew is very familiar with the service area and knows the needs and requirements of your lawn and landscape.