Lawn Maintenance FAQ's

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you.

If you have additional questions, please contact us via phone or email.

Can The Grounds Crew
provide more than just a “mow, blow and go” service?

Absolutely! Our Crew provides several services including edging pruning and certified turf programs. Review all of our available services by clicking HERE!

I am not looking for a year-long agreement with weekly visits, can The Grounds Crew still help me?

Yes! We can custom build a service agreement that works for your needs and budget. Our turf treatments can be provided even if you would still like to maintain your own lawn. Our year around clients tell us that they are pleased with the convenience and results of the all-inclusive service agreements. 

I have flower beds and a lot of natural area that I like to keep looking nice. How can The Grounds Crew help me?

With a range of services available, The Grounds Crew will customize a plan for you. We have a lot of residences, HOAs, and businesses that include Spring and Fall flowers, straw, or mulch installs into their service agreements. 

I've used other lawn maintenance services in the past and was not satisfied. What makes your services different from other companies?

We stick to a weekly service schedule to provide consistent and reliable service.

Also, our Crew is always available to help or answer questions while at your property.

Will my shrubs be trimmed as a part of my service agreement? 

Each property we service on a service agreement will receive between 4-6 shrub prunings per year on any shrub that is under 8 feet tall. Our Crew leaders are trained to look for any shrubs that may require extra pruning throughout the year as well. We also can provide a one-time shrub trimming to anyone who might request this service. 

How will I get invoiced if I am a year-round service client? 

Every client receives a monthly bill as part

of their service agreement. Invoices are received on the 25th of the month prior

to service (i.e. July invoices will be sent

June 25th.)

Invoices are due at your convenience in

the service month (i.e. July invoices are

due in July.)

You do not require a
contract?  How does the
service agreement work?

We will never require you to sign a contract. We understand the stress of being tied into a year-long contract. We do ask for an agreement on the services to be provided. If at any time throughout the year you need to cancel, we ask for a 30-day notice.

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